Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising Agency in Düsseldorf

With Instagram Advertising, it’s never been easier and more effective to reach young people with your offer. Among 17-34-year-olds Instagram is the most used platform. Older audiences tend to spend more time on Facebook, although we can see a high increase among older Instagram users, too!

Much like Facebook, Instagram Advertising has usually a very low CPM (cost per thousand contacts) and high ROI (if done right, that is). Advertising on Instagram features placements in the Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories. Especially Instagram Stories are a very unique way of advertising, as it’s natively in a vertical orientation (9:16) and focuses on engaging videos or animations.

We at Zen Digital are experts in Instagram Advertising, having experience from clients in various business fields. If you’re not advertising on Instagram yet, or if you’re looking to optimize your running campaigns, make sure to reach out to us today to see how we can help you!