Local SEO

Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Services

According to Google Employee Ed Parsons, one-third of all Google searches are local searches. If your business is taking care of customers or clients in a physical location, you should think about optimizing for Local SEO.

Local SEO refers to all search engine queries that are related to locations. For instance, search queries like „Italian restaurant“, or „divorce lawyer“ are such local search terms. You see, Google is very smart. If you’re searching for Italian restaurants, chances are you’re looking for a place nearby, and not on the other end of the country.

If Google thinks a search query is related to a location, it will display different search results. These might include Google Maps results, a Google MyBusiness result, and many more.

Local search queries are very important for getting customers to visit your business or make an appointment. They usually have a very high search intent. For example, people searching for „Italian restaurants“, are very likely to visit one of the restaurants they find.

Local SEO ranking factors vary quite a bit from regular SEO. They include things like NAP (Name, Address, Phone number), and distance to the user’s location.

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