Link Building

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SEO Link Building is an important tool for increasing your chances of ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

When Google (and other search engines for that matter) determines which sites to show on which search result position, it looks at a number of ranking factors. One of those is the number of backlinks.

What’s a backlink? We refer to a backlink when a 3rd party website links to your website. The higher the number of backlinks that point to your website, the better. It shows Google that your website is an authority, legitimate, and valuable source of information, ranking it higher.

When it comes to Link Building, there are many possibilities to gain backlinks. Many, including those you get from sites like Fiverr for a couple of bucks, are so-called black hat methods. Black Hat refers to techniques that are forbidden by Google. They will be discovered and punished (you will rank lower!), resulting in lost money for you.

We at Zen Digital only use white hat (Google-allowed) Link Building techniques. We will help you get an agreed-upon number of backlinks from relevant sites in your business niche. We’re highly experienced in SEO Link Building for various types of businesses and languages.

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