PPC for Start-Ups

PPC - Pay Per Click - For Start-Ups

Are you running a new business from the ground up? We know it can be challenging to get the word out and the ball rolling. We at Zen Digital have vast experience working with small businesses from the start, helping them create a buzz and people talking about them.

We know money is tight, especially in the early phases of a start-up. That’s why we will help you create an affordable and profitable marketing strategy for your business.

Especially for start-ups, marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the fastest way to get started. By investing in PPC campaigns, you will appear on searches for relevant search terms and immediately be visible for potential customers.

While SEO is often times the cheaper alternative, it takes quite some time and patience to show first results.

Are you a start-up looking to get into PPC advertising? Contact us at Zen Digital, we will help out and give advice on PPC campaigns, and if it’s the right thing for your specific business case.