Bing & Yahoo Ads

Bing & Yahoo Ads (PPC - Pay Per Click)

Many online marketers focus on Google PPC and completely neglect Bing PPC Ads due to Bing’s smaller market share (83% vs. 6%). However, Bing’s Ad platform is a great addition to your PPC strategy and should be used alongside Google Ads to further increase your ROI and revenue, as Bing often has lower competition and better results (depending on your business case, of course).

Bing Ads allow you to advertise search adverts on Bing and Yahoo (and other search engines that use Bing, like DuckDuckGo). Bing is the default search engine on any Windows computer and in Microsoft’s Edge browser, which is still one of the biggest internet browsers in use today.

Using Bing Ads as your second ad platform is very convenient. We can easily copy your Google Ads campaigns and ads to Bing.

We at Zen Digital have vast experience with Bing and Yahoo Ads. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you create winning campaigns on Bing and Yahoo PPC!