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Making every click to your site count with PPC advertising. PPC, or pay-per-click, is a highly efficient and scalable method of driving traffic (-> potential customers) to visit your website. The great part: you only pay when a user actually clicks on your ad.

How can Pay-Per-Click Advertising benefit your business?

A cost-effective and functioning PPC strategy should be part of every marketing plan. While driving traffic through organic search (SEO) can take months to show the first results, PPC ads show results in an instant. Pay-per-Click ads are a great way to increase the quality and quantity of traffic, leads, and potential customers to your website.

Not only can you pick the keywords (or: search terms) for which you want your ad to show up, you can also get laser-sharp targeting with demographic and interest-based targeting options. That means you will reach your exact target audience when they are looking for it.

There’s a variety of platforms for PPC advertising. By far the most popular is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), though. With a market share of 87% (followed by Bing with 6%), Google has been dominating the search engine market for a very long time. Google’s advertising options are split up into the following:

  • Paid Search Advertising refers to the paid search results at the top of a Google search.
  • Remarketing is a digital marketing method that allows you to target people who have visited your site before, converting them into customers.
  • Google Shopping Ads also show on the Google search results page but will feature a product image and price, while regular Google Ads only allow plain text.
  • Display Advertising refers to text or graphic ads placed on third-party websites that are part of Google’s display network.
  • YouTube Advertising allows for various ad-placements on YouTube, like in-stream or discovery ads.

Google isn’t the only place where you should look for PPC advertising. Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn also offer pay-per-click advertising and should all be considered for an effective marketing mix. We are a PPC advertising agency that will help you navigate through all these platforms and suggest what is best for your individual business goals.

Should I advertise on Bing and Yahoo?

As mentioned above, Google holds a market share of 87% in the search engine field, while Bing sits at a mere 6%, and Yahoo barely makes it above 2% (Source: Statista). Does this mean you should only focus your advertising efforts on Google, ignoring Bing and Yahoo? No! The simple answer to the question of if you should advertise on Bing and Yahoo is:


While it’s true that Bing and Yahoo don’t have the incredible amount of traffic Google has, their ad placements are often less competitive and more cost-efficient compared to Google. Why? Because everyone is advertising on Google and many don’t bother about Bing and Yahoo.

That makes it such a good opportunity to advertise your products on these two search engines. We’ve helped a number of clients utilize Bing and Yahoo PPC advertising to decrease their overall CPC (cost-per-click) and attract customers, they wouldn’t have reached otherwise (those who don’t use Google).

How can Zen Digital help you as your PPC agency?

The online landscape is constantly changing, growing, and getting more competitive. With our expertise in pay-per-click advertising (PPC), we at Zen Digital are a strong choice as your PPC agency.

We can help you integrate PPC into an overall digital marketing strategy. Our team will create and keep managing winning PPC campaigns for you, always driven by results. We believe in a holistic marketing approach. That means, for example, driving new users to your website using PPC and then further retargeting them with display ads and social media ads, highly increasing the chances of conversion through repeated contacts and tailor-made messages during each step of the marketing funnel.

If you want to explore Zen Digital’s PPC services and see how we can help you, fill out the form below and talk to us today.